Volunteers of America National Services

Volunteers of America National Services

Volunteers of America National Services is a wholly controlled nonprofit subsidiary of Volunteers of America. National Services is organized and operated to “advance, support, promote and administer health, housing and supportive services” in pursuit of the objectives of Volunteers of America. National Services employs more than 3,000 professionals across the country to operate its housing and health care programs.

Housing Development and Operations

National Services serves as the sponsor and parent entity for new Volunteers of America housing development projects. National Services’ current housing strategic business plan focuses on constructing or acquiring housing in key markets. In addition, National Services develops permanent supportive housing, including homes for veterans, where Volunteers of America affiliates have identified a need and ability to provide the services. Finally, National Services focuses on preserving federally assisted affordable housing in danger of being lost.

In addition to developing affordable housing, National Services owns and operates a large housing portfolio located in 40 states and Puerto Rico, which includes more than 230 properties containing approximately 12,900 affordable housing units.

Healthcare Development and Operations

The National Services health services group operates six comprehensive campuses (skilled nursing and independent/assisted living), five skilled nursing facilities, four assisted living facilities, three licensed home health agencies, three Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) sites and one senior meals program. National Services also owns a continuing care residential community in Florida.


Volunteers of America appoints the three members of the Executive Regulatory Oversight Committee, which has the sole responsibility for electing the 15-member National Services board of directors. Mike King, president and CEO of Volunteers of America, is also the president/CEO of National Services and serves as an ex-officio, voting director. All other directors serve overlapping three-year terms. The National Services board meets in person three times per year.

Executive Management

Top management of National Services operations includes: Sharon Wilson-Geno, Chief Operating Officer; Wayne Olson, Executive Vice President of Healthcare Operations; Patrick Sheridan, Executive Vice President of Housing; and Joseph Budzynski, Executive Vice President of Organizational Services & Chief Financial Officer.